Master Of Orion - MS-DOS

Master Of Orion2.txt Master Of Orion Master of Orion is a strategy game developed by Simtex Software that allows you to play the role of the leader of one of the ten races mentioned above. The program's task is very simple: colonize as many systems as possible and eliminate all competitors that stand in your way. The game is divided into turns in which we can perform various activities.When we encounter other civilizations on the way to expanding the galactic empire, we enter the second phase. And there are quite a few of the latter. In addition to the most obvious, such as fighting with the help of a space armada, we also find here rich diplomatic options, allowing you to negotiate and trade with foreign civilizations. In Master of Orion, you can also use the services of spies, stealing technologies and sabotaging enemy installations. All races in the game have unique abilities, for example, Earthlings are excellent diplomats and traders, and representatives of the community known as Alkari can boast of the best pilots in the galaxy. If we add a few levels of difficulty, the ability to choose the number of opponents (from one to five) and the size of the world in which the struggle will take place, Master of Orion will turn out to be a game that will not quickly get bored with even the most demanding fans of space strategies. Decent graphics and excellent music complete the works and make Master of Orion one of the most interesting items that hit the market in the first half of the nineties.