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Max Mechanized Assault And Exploration - MS-DOS

Max Mechanized Assault And Exploration2.txt Max Mechanized Assault And Exploration M.A.X .: Mechanized Assault & Exploration is a strategy game set in the realities of science fiction, the aim of which is the exploration and colonization of new worlds located on hitherto unexplored planets. The story told in the game takes place in the distant future, when after exhausting the Earth's natural resources, humanity was forced to leave its home planet. Thanks to the help of alien races, life moved to a gigantic ship floating in space, where over time, due to internal conflicts, humanity split into 8 rival factions. Soon, then, using alien technology, the factions faced each other in a murderous race to prevail in the colonization of new resource-rich planets. The general assumptions of the game do not differ significantly from the patterns set by popular strategies such as Command & Conquer or Z. Our main task is to expand the base, allowing for efficient exploitation of valuable resource deposits and defense against opponents trying to take over our territory. To defend the base, we will use a fairly wide range of over 50 land, air and sea units, each of which is described by several parameters, such as firepower and range, field of view, speed of movement and armor thickness. We can also use a practically unlimited number of single missions, randomly generated by the computer.The multiplayer mode allows you to play in pairs via a modem or local . The game is additionally encouraged by good, though a bit raw graphics with fully rendered, shadow-casting buildings and units, and a smooth zoom that facilitates orientation in the field.