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Mdk - MS-DOS

Mdk2.txt Mdk A three-dimensional, sci-fi action game with a third person perspective in which the player tries to save humanity from destruction at the hands of an alien civilization. Developed by Shiny Entertainment studio, the authors of the two Earthworm Jim games, MDK is a three-dimensional action game with climates science fiction. The title combines various game mechanics, offering platform, logical and action-specific challenges. The turn of the 20th and 21st centuries. The Earth is attacked by an alien civilization that wants to steal the planet's natural resources using giant ships. Billions of people die as a result of the invasion. The last hope of humanity is the unexpected caretaker Kurt working on the space station. Equipped by scientist Fluke Hawkins in a modern outfit, he embarks on a mission to destroy enemy ships from within. MDK is a three-dimensional action game in which the camera presents events from a third person perspective. The title is based mainly on shooting battles with overwhelming enemy forces, but also contains logical, platform elements and additional mini-games to diversify the player's experience. The authors introduced i.a. sequences of jump with a parachute from the atmosphere, skateboarding and piloting the bomber and destroying the indicated targets at its controls. The invaders' army stands in front of the protagonist, which is composed of both infantrymen equipped with various types of weapons, as well as robots, tanks and other combat vehicles. In the fight against them, Kurt can use a mini-gun with an infinite amount of ammunition, as well as a sniper rifle, grenades, bombs or homing missiles.