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Micro Machines - MS-DOS

Micro Machines2.txt Micro Machines The Micro Machines series with subsequent releases changes only in a small aspect, mainly in the audio-visual setting. The idea remains the same - choose the vehicle you will be driving and be the first to finish. The principle is also that - as the name of the game suggests - we will take control of tiny vehicles the size of toys. So you can imagine what the routes might look like. This time the authors offered us 16 of them, two of which are for one environment. So we will be racing in places such as: a beach, a city street, an old house, a toy, futuristic science laboratory, a garden, a chemical plant, or ... a cemetery. The authors did not lack ideas and, as usual, showed off their imaginations, filling the tracks with various obstacles and objects that are still supposed to make the player aware that it is a mini-vehicle race; this element has never been missing in this series of games. The interactive elements, including the aforementioned obstacles, are important elements that increase the enjoyment of the game - they require the player to know the route to a certain extent and do not allow for boredom in any way. And the races are fast, dynamic. The essence of fun in Micro Machines is the multiplayer mode. It is an ideal game to play together in front of the console, especially if it is played by someone who is not very familiar with this equipment. The rules of the game are very simple, the controls are not a problem, and there is a lot of fun and emotions - players fight on the track almost all the time and the situation can change like in a kaleidoscope. Let us add that we also choose one of the 8 twisted characters for our vehicles. It's nothing that there are no more to discover - the player somehow does not pay attention to it, because here what counts is great fun, not bonuses, and this is waiting for you in every race.