Monuments Of Mars - MS-DOS

Monuments Of Mars2.txt Monuments Of Mars A computer platform game for the DOS platform, released by Apogee Software in 1990. The player takes the role of an astronaut who sets off on a rescue mission to Mars. The game takes place on Mars, where the player's task is to find out what happened to the members of the previous NASA expeditions that explored the eponymous monuments. Once there, the hero discovers an extensive complex built by aliens. It is swarming with hostile guards. The game is divided into four parts that function as separate applications: "First Contact", "The Pyramid", "The Fortress" and "The Face. Each part contains twenty one-screen stages. In each of them, the player's goal is to reach the exit, which is usually located behind a closed airlock. This one must first be opened with the button. Successful completion of a stage automatically moves the player to the next one. The player-guided hero can jump and fire the laser pistol. The number of shots available is limited, but can be refilled by collecting additional batteries. Within the stage, the player has to deal with various obstacles (robots, aliens, laser barriers, etc.). There are also moving platforms and switches. Physical contact with an enemy, hit by a missile or touching an energy barrier ends in the hero's immediate death. In this case, you have to go through the stage from the beginning. The number of the hero's lives is not limited in any way, which according to Scott Miller was the first solution of this type on the PC platform. The game counts the points scored by the player and depending on their number, the player's score can be on the top 10 scoreboard.