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Ms Pac Pc - MS-DOS

Ms Pac Pc2.txt Ms Pac Pc This classic will be updated with a new version for the SNES. You run through 36 mazes with options like two-player action and Pac Booster movement. It all adds up to a familiar yet repetitive fun for Pac fans. Williams added something new: slightly frustrating controls. The SNES controller just isn't as effective (or fun) as the original joystick, and you'll wonder why your heroine sometimes turns into upcoming ghosts, even if you swear you've turned the other way. The crisp, primitive graphics are just what you remember, and 80s music ages fast. Despite its downsides, this tried and true gameplay experience is almost reliable. If you don't have Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures (Pac-Man was accessed with a password), choose that piece of history.