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Mystic Towers - MS-DOS

Mystic Towers2.txt Mystic Towers Each tower consists of 45 rooms (5 floors of 9 rooms), 15 monsters and 1 monster generator. In each tower, Baldric must defeat all monsters, destroy the monster generator and obtain the key to the large red tower that opens the tower entrance. Baron Baldric has a health bar showing his Life Points, which decrease when Baldric takes damage from monsters, is poisoned, or enters traps. Baldric loses his life when his health is exhausted. He starts with nine lives in reserve (one life in training mode) and gains more for every 10,000 points scored. Points are earned for collecting treasures. Baldic needs to consume enough food and drink to avoid hunger and thirst. If his food or drink bars reach zero, Baron Baldric slowly loses life until the bar is refilled. Otherwise, Baldric's health will slowly recover. Food can be found in various places and some monsters can be eaten after killing them. Drinks are available in bottles and bottles, as well as in the fountains. Some bottles contain wine which makes Baron Baldric intoxicated for a short while. Baron Baldric can be poisoned by stepping on a tile of poison, drinking slime or hitting a poison cloud. Baron Baldric slowly loses health after poisoning. To heal the poison, the player can use a healing spell, drink mucus from outlets, or eat a mushroom. If Baron Baldric eats a mushroom while it is not poisoned, it dies immediately. There are 6 towers in the game. Each tower has a version of "Apprentice" that Baldric visits in the first half of his mission, and a version of "Wizard" that he visits in the second. In Wizard's Towers, Baldric doesn't start with maps of every floor, monsters are much stronger and faster, teleports don't connect in a ring, but directly, The Key to the Red Tower is not in the starting room, there are also new obstacle classes to overcome. is the opposite of what its name suggests, a very difficult mode intended only for those who have already mastered the mechanics of the game.