Nascar Racing - MS-DOS

Nascar Racing2.txt Nascar Racing The first installment of the popular series of car racing, created by Papyrus Design Group and licensed by the NASCAR association, organizing rallies on closed tracks - extremely popular in the United States. The game is intended for lovers of realistic simulations, which is best evidenced by the extremely extensive garage option, in which we can freely modify the settings of all car components and adapt it to specific routes. It is true that the program also includes an arcade racing mode, but don't cheat - only tedious carving at the vehicle can ensure a convincing victory. NASCAR races involve a huge number of vehicles, so you should get used to the spectacular crashes that will happen very often on each of the nine tracks. Both the driving model and the damage it sustains are extremely realistic - you need to keep your eyes close to your head to get through the race successfully without completely devastating the car. The program offers effective, three-dimensional graphics and decent sound (the soundtrack includes several famous songs by artists such as Skid Row or The Fat Man). Thanks to the introduction of the vehicle painting option, you can freely decorate the car with advertisements and other things that make it visually attractive. If you get bored of driving alone, you can invite a friend to a duel. Programmers from Papyrus Design Group have thought of literally everything, thanks to which playing NASCAR Racing can provide enormous emotions.