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Nebula Fighter - MS-DOS

Nebula Fighter2.txt Nebula Fighter Nebula Fighter is a horizontal scrolling shooter written by Holodream Software and was first released for DOS computers in 1997, with a version for Microsoft Windows released in 1999. At the end of the 20th century, terrorists around the world began to grow in strength. Eventually they came together to form a vast empire and overthrew all the governments of the world, paving the way for a new world order. In the process of world domination, the fledgling empire realized that it could effectively rule the world through terror itself. Several decades later, in 2010, a cosmic race called the Venishians came to Earth. They brought some of their technology with them, including many highly sophisticated spacecraft. Through their visit, the empire realized that there are other civilizations in space that can be subdued and dominated, just like various world governments in the past. The empire's target is the home of the Venishians, and you are the invasion force scout sent forward to secure the asteroid belt surrounding it Venishian's home planet and signal to the rest of the invasion force to begin the attack once it's done. After completing this task, you have to wait in orbit for the rest of the attack forces to arrive. However, you decide not to obey the order and subjugate the Venishians yourself.