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Nethack - MS-DOS

Nethack2.txt Nethack A computer role-playing game, belonging to the type of roguelike (Rogue-like). Nethack is a development of the Hack game, which in turn is derived from the Rogue game. The latter gave the name to the entire type. The game is released under a free "Nethack General Public License", similar to the GNU General Public License. The last official version of the game is from March 2020. The game is available in English and German. Translating it into each new language is very difficult, because the authors did not provide for any localization facilities, most of the text messages written are written into the source code of the game program. Gameplay in Nethack is turn-based - i.e. events take place in subsequent moves, in player controlled pace. The object of the game is to get the Amulet of Yendor, which is located somewhere below the 20th level of the dungeon. Nethack is a unique type of text-based game in which the screen shows the view of the dungeon level where the player is currently located. The graphics consist of ASCII characters, selected so that they are more or less associated with the objects they represent