Nitemare 3d - MS-DOS

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Nitemare 3d The evil Dr. Hamerstein kidnaps Hugo's fiancée, Penelope. To save her, Hugo must enter Dr. Hamerstein's house, defeat his minions and finally face the mad scientist himself. Nitemare-3D is very similar to Wolfenstein 3D in terms of visuals, level design and gameplay. The player has to collect weapons and ammunition, solve puzzles, find keys to unlock new areas on the level and fight various enemies. Just like Wolfenstein 3D, there are tons of secret areas hidden behind the fake panels. In addition to the weapons Hugo can use, there is an automap and even an enemy detector that will display all the monsters nearby on the map. However, unlike many other games in the genre, both the AutoMap and the Enemy Detector require power to run. The player has to collect special items that will charge each device.