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Operation Body Count - MS-DOS

Operation Body Count2.txt Operation Body Count The game takes us to 2012 and allows you to play the role of a soldier of an elite unit, who, together with several companions, was sent on a mission to neutralize terrorists occupying the United Nations headquarters. Getting to the scene is not easy - the building is perfectly protected, so first we have to tear through the extensive sewers and use the forgotten technical passage. When we finally find ourselves in the skyscraper, we will have to tediously clean the floors of the enemy forces. Tedious, because the operation is not short - the product contains as many as forty complex stages. Like Corridor 7, Operation Body Count is powered by technology developed by John Carmack for Wolfenstein 3D. Despite the introduction of many interesting improvements, the outdated engine was not able to compete with the much more technologically advanced Doom, and this should be seen as a lack of interest in this production. It is worth mentioning that the bullets marked their presence on the walls here, it was possible to set the furniture on fire and watch the fire spread to other elements of interior design, there was also the option of breaking the walls after detonating the grenade launchers. Operation Body Count is probably the first FPS in the history of electronic entertainment to offer complete destruction of the environment. It is also worth mentioning that the game allowed you to give orders to other members of your squad, as well as take full control over them, as long as your companions were not killed by enemies. Unfortunately, all these innovative solutions were not enough to make the game a success. Animation not very smooth, only moving on one level, ceilings placed at the same height, finally repetitive textures and terrible level design - things that caused jaw drop in 1992, in the era of pseudo-3D Doom, were no longer able to impress anyone. Fans of shootings could not be convinced by the relatively poor arsenal, consisting of only five guns and poorly presented enemies. The authors clearly lacked ideas on how to develop this aspect of the game, so the channels that started the struggle were ruled by oversized rats and mutants associated with zombies - taking into account the fact that the game focused on terrorist attacks, the presence of bizarre creatures gave a strange impression.