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Out Of This World - MS-DOS

Out Of This World2.txt Out Of This World Out of This World (Another World in Europe) is one of the most innovative games ever released on PC. It is a platform game, reminiscent of the well-known Prince of Persia series, but with a much better plot, a large dose of action, an amazing atmosphere, and a truly artistic scenery and animation. It should be emphasized that in 1991, when no one had dreamed of something like a "3D accelerator" yet, the polygonal graphics of Another World aroused widespread and well-deserved admiration. The action begins with a sequence in which the main character, Lester, a young, ambitious physicist, is transferred to another world as a result of an accident during experiments with a particle accelerator (lightning strike). This world is significantly different from ours, it is based on a slave system, and the hero (of course) is at the very bottom of the social pyramid, so he is a slave. The player can only control one character, Lester, but from the very first moments of the adventure, i.e. the breakout from prison, we are accompanied by a mysterious alien friend controlled by a computer. The hero moves much more naturally and accurately than in Prince of Persia, and the controls are extremely simple and limited to using the arrow keys and the space bar. A lot of the game is just about killing the aliens you meet, but it's not a mindless elimination. First you need to observe what is happening on the screen, feel how the aliens are moving and then choose the right moment to attack. Of course, logical riddles also play a significant role.