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Paratrooper - MS-DOS

Paratrooper2.txt Paratrooper In Paratrooper, you take on the role of an artilleryman who manages an anti-aircraft gun at an advanced post. Probably your life would still go on lazily if not for the sudden and unexpected attack of the enemy trying to break through the first line of defense. Left to its own devices, you must get rid of as many enemies as possible before they break into the mainland and do their work of destruction. The task is simple: you have to destroy incoming helicopters before they drop their paratroopers. Each enemy soldier that lands safely on the ground can contribute to blowing up your facility. Bombers will also appear in the sky from time to time. These machines should be destroyed first, because their deadly charges can take out the cannon right away. The conventional graphics, tragic sound from PC Speaker and difficult to master gun controls are the three basic elements that characterize Paratrooper. The playability is huge, but first you need to practice thoroughly, which, given the high level of difficulty of the struggle, may turn out to be an impassable barrier for most users.