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Pharaohs Tomb - MS-DOS

Pharaohs Tomb2.txt Pharaohs Tomb Pharaoh's Tomb is a DOS platform game developed by George Broussard and published by Apogee Software.Notoriously, the positions of objects are determined by their volume limits, not by their exact pixel positions on the screen. The main character, Nevada Smith (play about Indiana Jones), is an archaeologist and adventurer who studies the Egyptian pyramid, hoping to find the tomb of the pharaoh and obtain evidence of his discoveries. In each level, the player navigates and avoids obstacles by jumping or falling, avoiding or killing enemies, and finding the keys to exit each level. Nevada Smith has no health bar and dies immediately after touching enemies or traps. Deadly obstacles include pyramid-shaped traps such as blocks that fire projectiles as Smith passes in front of them, wall spikes, ceiling spikes, and floor spikes. Navigation challenges include moving platforms and elevators. Bonus points are randomly hidden in some tiles that are awarded when hitting from below. The game contains many dead ends as "traps" in which Smith can get stuck permanently, forcing the player to exit or reload a saved game. Collecting 100 coins or 5 masks gives the player an extra life. The game started out as an 80-level commercial game called Pharaoh's Pursuit released by Lone Star Micro before it was made over into a four-episode game and the first episode was released as shareware. Each episode contains 20 levels, each level consists of one room .