Pinball Fantasies - MS-DOS

Pinball Fantasies2.txt Pinball Fantasies One of the most famous computer pinball machines, created by the once very famous company 21st Century Entertainment. Four tables, phenomenal graphics and sound, as well as countless bonuses, await enthusiasts of this type of entertainment. Another variation in the subject of pinball simulator, created by the reliable Digital Illusions / 21st Century Entertainment tandem. There are four new tables at the player's disposal, even more colorful than in Pinball Dreams, extensive and, most importantly, mega-playable. For amateurs of great amusement parks, a table called Party Land has been prepared. Three pallets, a large number of ramps and countless bonuses associated with amusement park attractions are its unquestionable advantages. The Speed ??Devils are equally exciting, something for fans of fast driving. In terms of the number of goals, the table equals its predecessor, and maybe even exceeds it - we have a lot of various arrangements here. Game show enthusiasts will surely be interested in the Billion Dollar Game, which offers fun similar to the famous Wheel of Fortune, also in our country. This is by far the weakest table in the set, perhaps due to the high difficulty level - you have to sweat a lot to get bigger bonuses on it. For dessert, the developers left us a real pearl in the form of Stones 'n' Bones, which is a return to the theme of horror, which is very popular in this type of games. Pimball Fantasies offers two graphics modes: 320x240 and 360x350. Both in both, the program looks great, although for obvious reasons, higher resolution is more functional - you can see more on the screen. Scrolling is smooth and unobtrusive, as is the behavior of the ball during the game. Developers from 21st Century Entertainment have tried, as usual, with a large number of configuration options, thanks to which we can make the game much easier or more difficult. It is also worth mentioning that animations have finally appeared on the display - they are not as elaborate as, for example, in Psycho Pinball, but they still diversify the fun.