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Powerslave - MS-DOS

Powerslave2.txt Powerslave The action of the Powerslave game (known in Europe as Exhumed) takes us to Egypt, specifically to the ancient city of Karnak, which was taken over by the mysterious forces of evil. Many daredevils entered the valley, forgotten by humanity, to determine the cause of the terrible events that took place shortly after the supernatural interference, but none of them returned. Now it's your turn. When entering the cursed earth, you must prepare to fight the outnumbered opponent. Without getting into unnecessary discussions, collect the weapons abandoned by your predecessors and use them to exterminate the hordes of monsters. If you fail, people will have no more peace. Calling for vengeance to heaven and a well-worn plot is only an introduction to the slaughterhouse observed from the perspective of the first person, which was provided to us by programmers from the Lobotomy Software company. Powerslave, as befits a typical shooter, offers a carnage in its purest form using seven means of extermination. You start the struggle with a machete in your hand, but after exploring the vicinity of Karnak city you will find more deadly tools, e.g. grenades, flamethrowers or a machine gun. The available arsenal also includes an ancient magic staff capable of knocking down enemies with a single hit. Powerslave includes thirty different stages, in which the constructions typical of ancient Egypt will dominate. In addition to fighting near the pyramids, we will visit the vast catacombs and other labyrinths. Finding the right path in the latter is a challenge in itself, and it should be remembered that extremely tough and bloodthirsty monsters lurk all the time. The game was prepared based on the Build engine, but compared to other productions using the same solutions (eg Duke Nukem 3D, Blood), it is much poorer. The authors tried to resort to various programming tricks, wanting to give the impression of moving in a full three-dimensional space, but in fact, it is very far to the level presented in Quake. Monsters are still two-dimensional sprites, and the next rooms are nothing more than sectors that cannot be placed on top of each other.