Prehistorik - MS-DOS

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An adventure game in which we walk an ancient man who uses a club, which we have to bring to the end of the game. The game is divided into several levels. Unfortunately, there is no save function, but we can look for special codes that will allow you to start the game from a given level. After getting the code, you can enter it at the beginning of the game by pressing two and then entering the code. The game is about collecting bonuses that give us points. Bonuses are sometimes hidden, we can get them by knocking them out with a club (e.g. from a rock). We can also collect points by killing monsters.

The game is limited, of course, by lives. Each life consists of three hearts. We can lose hearts when we come into contact with the monster. You can also recover them by killing the monster with which we had a fight, but we have to collect all the cubes that fell out of it. We have the opportunity to receive an extra life when we catch the man's head hidden on the board. There are also hidden platforms, passages to another place, elevators, and collapses. Thanks to them, we can move faster and avoid dangerous places (e.g. spikes). In some boards we can find paragliders, thanks to which the little man can fly. It should also be added that some elements turn the light off or on, these are rectangles with the words "off" or "on". Our little man is quite visible. However, the background is not very delightful.