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Prince Of Persia 2 - MS-DOS

Prince Of Persia 22.txt Prince Of Persia 2 Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow & The Flame is a sequel to a two-dimensional adventure-arcade game, which was released in 1989 and entered the history of electronic entertainment with golden letters, becoming an absolutely classic position. Compared to the original, the visuals and sounds have improved. In addition, you can observe a greater diversity of the virtual environment and a significant expansion of the plot. The course of the action is shown again in the side view. We play the role of the freshly baked Prince of Persia, responsible in the past for the reflection of the beautiful Princess from the hands of the sinister Grand Vizier named Jaffar. The latter decided to pay tribute to the main character by taking away his identity, as well as his beloved woman. We must therefore help the Middle Eastern hero regain his personality and save his bride from mortal danger. While playing, we travel through fifteen extensive levels, characterized by a different style. In addition to armed opponents, we also encounter various traps and logical puzzles. It is worth noting that there is an option to save the game.