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Project X - MS-DOS

Project X2.txt Project X Is a horizontal scrolling shooter for the Amiga released in 1992. It was developed and published by Team17. The game resembles Konami's side-scroll shooters, such as Gradius, Salamander or Parodius. It has been moved to MS-DOS. Players control a spaceship of their choice, fighting hundreds of alien ships. Various upgrades, numerous on the first tier but becoming rarer later, allow the exponential growth of seven different spacecraft weapons (pistol, stack, side shots, homing missiles, plasma, magma, and laser beam). The game has five levels. Many players never finished the second (which had a very difficult ending) and most of the others never got past the third level. When Team17 realized this, they released Project-X SE for the Amiga CD32, a special edition with reduced difficulty. It was released as a budget game. The original game hack, allowing the player to jump levels by holding down the fire button and pressing the escape button, was also distributed on the covers of several Amiga magazines.