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Psion Chess - MS-DOS

Psion Chess2.txt Psion Chess Psion Chess is programmed by Richard Lang, a 1980s computer chess master and developer of some of the most advanced chess computers of the era. The Atari ST version of Psion Chess is said to be a slightly modified version of his "Amsterdam program" which won the World Computer Chess Championship in 1985. In terms of gameplay, Psion Chess has both a 2D and 3D fixed perspective view, visible from both black and white sides, a full range of handicaps, move suggestions, solutions to mate problems up to 10 levels, remi offers and most other options the discerning chess player can ask. A library of 50 championship events is also available. The Atari ST version is ranked 1960 ELO, while the Mac version was rated at 1,793 over 80 pages