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Puzzle Fun Pak - MS-DOS

Puzzle Fun Pak2.txt Puzzle Fun Pak In 1989, Apogee released two "Fun-Pak" - Adventure Fun-Pak and Puzzle Fun-Pak, for $ 10 each. Each "package" contains 4 games that were submitted to Apogee by third-party authors, although most of the games were designed by Apogee's Scott Miller. Most of these games are just ASCII games with minimal or no graphics, some more interesting than others. Since the packages were never released as freeware or shareware, but sold directly from Apogee, these are two of the few commercial titles published by the shareware giant. Puzzle Fun-Pak includes Phrase Master, a fun ASCII word guessing game for two players, Block Five, a decent Go-Moku / Connect 4 board game, Maze Machine, a neat little program that generates mazes of a specific width, and Asteroid Rescue, an eccentric ASCII shooter from Scott Miller.