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Quake - MS-DOS

Quake2.txt Quake Quake is a remastered version of the cult FPS of the same title, released in 1996. The MachineGames team, which has several Wolfenstein games in its portfolio, prepared two extensions for the needs of the described project, i.e. The item was published by Bethesda Softworks, the company that oversees the brand. The main character of this production is Ranger - a fearless soldier armed to the teeth. After government experiments with interdimensional travel brought the deadly danger of ancient evil to Earth, the protagonist has no choice but to take part in Operation Counterstrike and find four ancient runes. Compared to the original, the mechanics of Quake remained untouched. Carrying out subsequent missions, we travel through various locations and face hordes of enemies. The authors provide us with eight types of weapons, including an ax, a machine gun or a rocket launcher. We have to be constantly on the move during high-speed shootings; Heal wounds suffered on the battlefield with medkits scattered across the levels. The pillar of this production is the story campaign, which consists of missions set in four dimensions. While playing, we visit military bases, medieval castles, gloomy dungeons and gothic cathedrals. In addition, in the Dimension of the Machine expansion we find ourselves in a labyrinth where a steel and lava core is hidden. Our task is to find him and open a portal that will lead us directly into the embrace of one more danger threatening humanity. The story campaign of Quake can be completed alone or in cooperation mode for up to four players. In addition, there is a multiplayer mode waiting to be checked, in which up to four people can fight on a split screen, and eight people can fight over the Internet.