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Radix Beyond The Void - MS-DOS

Radix Beyond The Void2.txt Radix Beyond The Void Radix: Beyond the Void is a 2.5D first-person shooter developed by the Canadian studio Neural Storm Entertainment and released by Epic MegaGames for MS-DOS in 1995. Radix: Beyond the Void is a FPS shooter that takes place in the zero-gravity dimension, in which the player controls a ship in a variety of environments, with mission objectives to be completed to advance to the next area. The player is given a report before each level that explains the mission for the level and explains the extra goals that can be completed to get extra points. These goals usually include destroying the power generator, destroying or activating a computer terminal, or eliminating the presence of aliens from a valid area. The game is divided into three episodes. "Theta-2", "Vengeance" and "The Void" each with 8 levels and one hidden bonus level per episode. "Theta-2" was released as a shareware episode. Shields protect the ship's armor and will take damage from enemy fire or collisions with walls. The player loses a life after depleting the ship's armor. The player can increase flight speed by using the throttle or using boosters to fly at maximum speed. You need energy to use boosters, as well as some weapons. Ship energy and shields regenerate slowly on their own, but can be refilled to the maximum by finding an upgrade. The player will encounter various hostile alien ships and forage that will shoot the player. Bio-mines will try to detonate on your ship and deal massive damage. Some enemies will fire projectiles, both standard and seekers, that will target your ship and follow you. The Radix ship has a radar scanner that will show the enemy's positions in relation to the fighter. There is also a threat indicator that lights up when an enemy missile targets the ship. Various power-ups can be found in each level to help the player fight enemies, increase health, or give the player a specific ability for a limited time. There are seven different weapons available in Radix, only four of which are available in the first episode. Some weapons require the ship's energy while others are based on an arsenal.Plasma bombs can also be obtained, which, when detonated, deal massive damage to any enemy on the screen. A single plasma bomb can sweep an entire room from weaker enemies. There are various environmental hazards such as missile walls, teleporters, gravity disruptions that will obstruct / alter movement, and moving walls / floors that can damage or kill the player. After completing the main mission objective, the player must find a way to the exit door to proceed to the next area.