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Red Baron - MS-DOS

Red Baron2.txt Red Baron Red Baron is a typical low-budget arcade game set in the realities of World War I. We are dealing here with a title that in many ways resembles such series as Wings of Honor or Combat Wings. During the game, we play the role of a pilot. However, we do not have to worry about complicated controls, being able to focus only on the effective beating. Atomic Planet Entertainment is responsible for the production of Red Baron, which also developed games such as Jackie Chan Adventures, Miami Vice and Taito Legends. The title in question was released on PS2 and personal computers. The singleplayer campaign prepared by the producers consists of several more or less complex missions. During the game, we sit at the controls of various biplanes, trying to complete the tasks ordered by the command. The missions are quite varied. Most often, we have to eliminate other planes or ground targets. In the latter case, bombs are used, thanks to which you can destroy constructions of your choice. There were also reconnaissance missions and tasks with additional time limits. It is also worth noting that the game is linear. In some missions, however, you can approach the objectives in the order you choose. The player can also join single challenges that have nothing to do with the main storyline of the game. However, they do not play a significant role. The controls have been greatly simplified, as a result of which the correct maneuvering of the biplane or targeting subsequent targets does not cause any problems. In addition, the energy bar, characteristic for console arcade games, was taken care of. Visually, the game looks very poor. This applies in particular to poorly made surroundings. Only relatively interesting duels with the participation of other flying machines deserve attention.