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Redneck Rampage - MS-DOS

Redneck Rampage2.txt Redneck Rampage The admiration of the Americans for the intervention of aliens in computer games is already paranaoidal, but so far this honor has only extended to larger metropolises and military bases. Programmers from the Xatrix company decided to change this state of affairs by locating the alien invasion in a small, provincial town of Hickston. The main characters of Redneck Rampage are brothers Leonard and Bubba, who, after finding out that aliens have kidnapped their beloved Bessie pig, decide to go on a rescue operation. Redneck Rampage is a game based on the extremely popular Build engine in 1997, created by Ken Silverman for the famous Duke Nukem 3D. Compared to the original, the Xatrix product is, however, at a slightly higher level, mainly due to the very realistic world in which we will fight the alien invader. Barns, grain elevators, roadside bars, bowling alleys and gas stations perfectly reflect the atmosphere of the American province and are a kind of novelty after previous visits to spacecraft, military bases, or the seventh circle of hell. A village warrior has a dozen or so different weapons at his disposal, from a crowbar to a bra that shoots like a machine gun. The game is also distinguished by a very interesting approach to the topic of energy recovery by our hero. To restore his health, you need to collect alcohol scattered here and there and consume it in reasonable doses. Towing with a drink ends up with dizziness and problems with maintaining balance, which makes it difficult to move, let alone shoot. In order to lower the level of alcohol in the blood, it is necessary to chew on it with patties, which in turn can lead to unjustified expulsion of gases from the place where the back loses its noble name. Maintaining the relationship between eating and drinking high-percentage drugs is an extremely important element of the game, sometimes even more important than shooting.The game has detailed, very nice graphics, especially textures deserve special recognition. There is no music in the game as such, the authors leaned more towards the natural sounds made by the local nature. As in Duke Nukem 3D, also here we will meet with hit comments from the main character, who, with a rural accent, can sometimes amuse to tears. Redneck Rampage is, in my opinion, one of the best Duke Nukem 3D clones, in many respects even surpassing the famous prototype. The only drawback of the game is the very high degree of difficulty, even on the easiest level.