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Return To Zork - MS-DOS

Return To Zork2.txt Return To Zork Return to Zork is the eighth adventure game by Infocom, referring to the fantastic, title world. Compared to the previous installments of the series, the audiovisual setting has gone through a real revolution. The graphics are based on a large number of digitized photos and enriched with FMV cutscenes. Another breakthrough is the full sound design of the game. All the characters we meet give their lines orally - in the early nineties this was not yet standard. There have also been major changes to the interface, which is entirely operated by the mouse. Depending on the object indicated by the cursor, the program automatically selects the appropriate icons, enabling one of several actions to be performed. During the game, the hero will not only be able to collect and use the items he finds, but also talk to the characters he meets. The authors abandoned the possibility of choosing individual issues in favor of establishing our attitude towards the interlocutor. By appropriately manipulating the icons that appear during the discussion, the player can show their fascination, boredom and even anger. All calls are recorded on a voice recorder, so you can listen to them at any time. The game is downright unimaginably difficult. If you don't have the experience with this type of adventure, Return to Zork can be a real problem. In addition to trying to combine all the facts into a logical whole, you also have to deal with logical puzzles that appear from time to time. Remember that it is very easy to die in a hostile world, even when trying to move from one location to another.