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Rex Blade The Apocalypse - MS-DOS

Rex Blade The Apocalypse2.txt Rex Blade The Apocalypse In the 35th century, mankind developed a near-divine technology to create cyborg slaves - machines so clever they are almost human. In time, the Cyborgs started a war against man to control the earth. After the victory, humanity banished the Cyborgs to a distant star system using an interdimensional teleporter. 500 years have passed and the Cyborgs are planning a massive offensive against Mother Earth. You are Rex Blade, part human, part Cyborg, and humanity's last hope. Your mission is to teleport to the world of Cyborgs and uproot all life there before they can destroy the earth.The graphics and level design are similar to those of Rise of the Triad, but more futuristic. One of the really unique things about this game is REX ++.