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Rise Of The Robots - MS-DOS

Rise Of The Robots2.txt Rise Of The Robots A story as simple as the construction of a flail. You are a Cyborg and your task is to get to the headquarters of the mega-corporation, where you must destroy the evil and cunning Artificial Intelligence. Since the fancy computer has mastered all the robots in the building, you must first defeat them. Only then will you complete the main task, as long as you have enough skill and patience, of course. The release of Rise of the Robots was preceded by perhaps the most spectacular advertising campaign that computer games could boast of in the first half of the nineties. Mirage Media S.C. it was on everyone's lips before it even saw the light of day. Incredible high definition graphics, great animation, unique music by Brian May from Queen and that divine playability - all these superlatives put the pressure on Rise of the Robots tremendous. When, after a long wait, the program finally released, only the groan of disappointment could be heard in the gaming community. The only bright spot for Rise of the Robots is the graphics. High resolution and very nice workmanship of the robots taking part in the fight have a positive effect on the visual experience. And here too, unfortunately, the praise ends. In terms of gameplay, the Mirage Media product does not have it at all. In Single Player mode, we can only choose Cyborg, other robots are only available if we invite a friend to the duel. All characters move as if someone had put a stick in a place where the back loses its noble name, and in addition, they are characterized by a minimal set of special blows, which was a programming suicide in the Mortal Kombat era. The whole game can be completed with one hit and this is not a criticism, but a real fact. I skip such important issues as such that when we jump over the opponent, our hero should turn towards him. Rise of the Robots is a total flop. Decent graphics and bearable music can't make up for the lack of gameplay, and this one cries out to Heaven for vengeance.If Rise of the Robots can be classified anywhere, it is rather in a league of Chinese crap like Sango Fighter.