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Robbo - MS-DOS

Robbo2.txt Robbo Robbo is a popular arcade and logic game, created by programmers from the Polish company xLand (later Chaos Works), telling about the adventures of the title robot, trapped on an alien planet in a network of complex labyrinths. However, it is not that simple, because the labyrinths are inhabited by various creatures waiting for the life of our ward. Robbo is equipped with a pistol with a limited amount of ammunition, which can not only annihilate enemies, but also destroy certain passages and detonate bombs scattered here and there. The passage is also hindered by locked chambers and numerous boxes that can be moved in the desired direction. In the latter case, be careful not to accidentally block the only available path. From the very first stages, you can see that the authors of the game put a lot of emphasis on logical elements. The difficulty level increases at an unimaginable rate, forcing users to develop a specific plan before making each move. Robbo offers nice, colorful graphics in low resolution and decent sound. The game contains a large number of spoken samples with which all the player's actions are commented on (e.g. getting screws, gun batteries).