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Scorched Planet - MS-DOS

Scorched Planet2.txt Scorched Planet Scorched Planet balances tactics and planning (do you attack the enemy immediately or do you fortify your defenses first and send fuel junkers first?) With total ball-munching and shooting from hell. Lizard Image Powered by the RenderWare 3D graphics engine, Scorched Planet pushes the boundaries of graphics to the limit, offering a world with full 3D texture and true 3D enemies rather than sprites. Scorched Planet also provides real-time shadows and an 8-player multiplayer option. A scorched planet begins in 2230, and the Voraxian ™ hordes destroy the human colony on Dator 5 ™. Once upon a time a fighter pilot - now a drunk who has been reduced to piloting cargo ships through the void - you are the only ray of hope for the colonists on Dator 5 and are the only pilot in the area when a distress call is received. 19 missions in the fight to protect Dator 5 take place in 7 huge and varied 3D landscapes with numerous 3D enemies. You have a task, purpose and motivation. You are here to evacuate the colony and save lives. You will defend your charges with strategy and cunning, and when necessary (believe me, it is always necessary) you will use pre-emptive strikes; you will take part in fierce air battles; You will light up the sky with pyrotechnic slaughter and break through the charging ground forces. The enemy is evil, ruthless, insidious, unruffled and spectacular in strength. You have cleverness, nerves, experience and, above all, unchanging knowledge that only you can save the colonists.