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Screamer - MS-DOS

Screamer2.txt Screamer Screamer is the first part of the popular racing series created by Graffiti studio. The creators put emphasis on providing the greatest possible dose of excitement related to overcoming routes at great speed. Therefore, we are dealing with a very simplified driving model. All cars are easy to drive and nothing prevents you from taking corners at maximum speed using the handbrake. In terms of mechanics, this title largely resembles the Ridge Racer series. Four game modes await those who are thirsty for thrills: standard time trial, championship, avoiding overturning the cones on the route and defeating the goals in the allotted time. Also during normal races, we have to pass checkpoints before the number of seconds drops to zero. Although the game developers have not purchased a license for real car brands, most of the vehicles are modeled on the actual ones. These are respectively: Shadow (Lamborghini Countach), Tiger (Ferrari F40), Hammer (Bugatti EB110), Rising Sun (Mitsubishi 3000GT), Panther (Porsche 911 turbo) and Yankee (Chevrolet Corvette C4). Additionally, after winning all the competitions, we unlock a super-fast vehicle called the Projectile, characteristic of Drag races. The developers have not prepared a multiplayer mode, and the graphics of Screamer look good - preferably in SVGA mode. Cars are made of polygons covered with textures.