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Seek And Destroy - MS-DOS

Seek And Destroy2.txt Seek And Destroy Most of the basics of this game work in a similar way to Desert Strike. You fly a helicopter or a three-barrel tank in 14 increasingly challenging multi-phase missions, each with a full check-in and purchasing phase. Before each phase, you can enter the store and upgrade your weapons by paying with gold medals collected in the previous phases. Your starting weapons are chain cannons and tank rockets / missiles. Each weapon has three levels of upgrades. Then you can decide how much ammo for each weapon you want to load into the vehicle's hold, switch between the tank and the helicopter (which can only be done between phases and some of them give no choice), choose one of the three special weapons and adjust the fuel / armor characteristics / speed. All these preparations are surprisingly complicated for such a shooter, and the wrong setup can make the game really difficult (lack of fuel in the middle of the desert or thin armor are just two examples). Missions take place in the desert and jungle, as well as by the sea and snowy regions. Most often your goal is, of course, to search and destroy, while performing some rescue operations and collecting as many upgrades as possible. Powerups consist of ammo, fuel, medals, and more. There is a scanner installed in the vehicle to guide you, as well as a mapping system and a limited shield. Remarkably, the game only scrolls vertically even though you have full directional movement. When you rotate the direction of the ground below you, you provide a more realistic effect and intelligently mimic the effects of the movement.