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Shadowcaster - MS-DOS

Shadowcaster2.txt Shadowcaster Originally, it was supposed to be the second installment of the program called Black Crypt, which was released in 1992 for Commodore Amiga computers.Kirt is one of the so-called "Shapeshifters", ie people who can change their shape at will. The old man also tells the boy the story behind the great war, in which the evil ruler Veste murdered almost all representatives of their race. Now Kirt must return to the fantasy world and defeat his greatest enemy once and for all, having previously found six magical obelisks. ShadowCaster not only does not allow you to create your own character, but also does not have the option of developing features, as they simply have not been implemented. The only coefficients that determine the character of Kirt are life and magic energy - the first one is lost during fights with monsters, the second while casting spells. There are numerous elements of adventure: collecting items, using them, interacting with the environment, etc. There is also a change of character. Kirt can transform into six other creatures with unique abilities. ShadowCaster is a game that is halfway between FPS and RPG productions. In the first case, we can talk about too many (for a traditional shooter) number of adventure elements, while in the second - about numerous simplifications and greater focus.