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Sid Meiers Colonization - MS-DOS

Sid Meiers Colonization2.txt Sid Meiers Colonization Colonization is another great game by Sid Meier, the creator of such hits as Railroad Tycoon, Pirates and Civilization. Here we take the lead over a group of settlers from four nationalities: Spaniards, English, Dutch and French who came to a new land to settle, create a colony, and ultimately declare independence and create a new sovereign state. Our struggle begins in 1500, right after the discovery of America, and ends around 1800, the time of the Great American Revolution. From the very beginning, the game requires us to constantly balance on the edge of economic, military, political and economic dependencies. Commanding a group of colonists lonely on a foreign land, we must build cities, create a self-sufficient economic infrastructure, establish trade routes, take care of positive diplomatic relations with wild nations living in new lands and with still dissatisfied overlords in Europe, and create a strong army, which will result in liberation from sovereignty kings. As we know from history, the road to victory will not be easy, during 300 years of colonization we will fight dozens of wars with Indians and the troops of rival European powers, we will discover thousands of kilometers of new lands, we will sign hundreds of peace treaties, agreements, etc., all in the name of freedom.