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Sid Meiers Pirates - MS-DOS

Sid Meiers Pirates2.txt Sid Meiers Pirates Sid Meier's Pirates! is a new version of the 1980s hit with the same title, prepared with the requirements of gamers in the 21st century in mind. Just like the original from the old days, it is a mix of arcade, adventure and cRPG elements set in a time when pirates of all sorts reigned in the Caribbean. The player has a unique opportunity to become one of these brawlers and with his deeds permanently enter the pages of history. The same as in the first Pirates, also in the modern version, the authors (by the way, Sid Meier himself) provided us with an open game, almost unlimited (the game ends when we just want to retire). We can sail with our ship or fleet in any direction we choose, plunder cities, sink encountered trade convoys, or even offer our services to the then colonial powers: England, France, the Netherlands or Spain. Sid Meier's Pirates! it basically consists of several mini-games that make it unique against the background, not to mention not too numerous competition (the topic of sea piracy, surprisingly, is not exploited too much by game developers). There are also special items in the game, such as a better saber or a barometer, thanks to which our fighting or sailing skills increase in difficult conditions. We also meet specialized crew members, which increases the effectiveness of firing (in the case of artillerymen) and other parameters affecting the capabilities of the ship. Old veterans probably remember one more, very characteristic aspect of the old Pirates. We are talking about the missing family members we are looking for throughout our adventure, and the vile and cruel pirate responsible for the death of our parents. Of course, this could not be missing from the new edition of the game and, of course, it is also its important element.