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Simcity - MS-DOS

Simcity2.txt Simcity SimCity is another part of the famous series, simulation of life and city development, created by Maxis for over two decades. Players take on the role of the mayor of a newly created city. Their primary task is to deal with economic, economic, commercial and spatial development so as to make the city more attractive and in the future to create a large metropolis out of it. The players had to wait 10 years for the fifth installment of the series, but the game developers tried to make up for this long period with a lot of innovations that can be found in SimCity. These are: a new graphics engine, greater relationships between individual city elements and interesting solutions in the field of online gameplay. The new engine - called Glassbox - allows you to freely move the camera and very close the view (even to the level of an ordinary passer-by) and see what is happening around the corner of a skyscraper or in the window of one of the numerous stores. Glassbox offers an innovative solution both in terms of gameplay (it is possible to build winding roads) and its presentation (dynamic lights system). Mechanics that simulate the functioning of real cities have also been developed. All decisions on the development of an agglomeration directly translate into, for example, the relationship between population density and property values ??or air pollution or the level of education of young people. The game presents this information using graphs that clearly explain the current situation of the metropolis, which allows us to quickly react to emerging problems. The fifth installment of the SimCity series also draws from previous games in the series. The traditional division into three types of districts - residential, service and industrial - returns. In addition, the title offers a multiplayer mode in which players share a common area between their cities. So we have the management of the region with friends, the sharing of resources, cooperation in the development of cities and competition for influence. Multiplayer is based on leaderboards and an achievement system that allows you to unlock new structural and architectural solutions.