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Simon The Sorcerer - MS-DOS

Simon The Sorcerer2.txt Simon The Sorcerer Simon the Sorcerer is a classic, two-dimensional point-and-click adventure game, developed by the experienced British studio AdventureSoft. The title was originally published in 1993, and two years later it was revamped with the addition of spoken dialogues. This version has already been released on CD media that are gaining more and more popularity. The plot of the game tells about the adventures of the title Simon, an average teenager whose life turned a new course after he found a magic book. Simon has been transported to a magical world full of goblins, orcs and wizards. The main character has to help one of the latter, Calypso. He was kidnapped by the evil magician Sordid. It is worth noting that, like the popular LucasArts adventure games, the game is simply filled with good humor. This applies to almost all aspects of the game: dialogues are in most cases quite frivolous, the main character often performs "strange" activities, and the characters he meets on his way often parody various famous people. During the game, we can visit a dozen or so different places, some of which are reached only later in the game, after performing certain actions. A magic map is a great help, thanks to which you can quickly teleport to a selected place on the board. The user interface is extremely pleasant to use and is based on patterns taken from Sierra or LucasArts adventure games. At the bottom of the screen there is a special bar with icons with names of activities that can be performed. When you hover over an interactive object, you can, for example, try to pick it up, look at it, push it, and if it is a living creature, start a conversation. During the game, Simon collects numerous items, and it is worth noting that he can take any number of items with him. Many of them are used to solve puzzles. Due to the frivolous atmosphere of the game, however, you have to take into account that most problems are solved in a rather unusual way.