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Sint Nicolaas - MS-DOS

Sint Nicolaas2.txt Sint Nicolaas Sint Nicolaas is a free puzzle and platform game with the Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas (Santa Claus). Collect all lost gifts and cakes in each level and deliver them to the appropriate chimneys before dawn. Sint has been robbed! The thieves took his big sack full of gifts and gingerbread. On the run, however, they are not careful and everything starts to fall out of the bag. Now Sint just needs to collect the lost cookies and gifts and bring them to the proper chimney. There is a sign on each chimney indicating the color of the gift to be delivered there and the number of gingerbreads still to be dropped. Sint can carry a lot of gifts behind him, but only the first one can throw in the chimney. So he must always look for the chimney in the color of his first gift or collect the gifts in the right order. Sint has to deliver all the gifts on the same night and be ready before dawn. So be sure to watch the time at the bottom of the screen. If Sint completes the level quickly enough, there may still be time for the bonus level! Sint's trip on the roofs is dangerous, he must be very careful not to fall off. It can be very slippery at times. Besides, there are TV antennas with sharp edges. And there are even dangerous birds that will attack him and even try to steal gifts or cookies. Sint can jump on birds, but would prefer to leave them all alive for extra points. Finally, be sure to collect all the Chocolate SINT letters for extra life!