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Skunny Back To The Forest - MS-DOS

Skunny Back To The Forest2.txt Skunny Back To The Forest Back to the Forest is a side-scrolling platform arcade game starring Skunny, an anthropomorphic squirrel. It is mostly non-violent and places a lot of emphasis on running and jumping rather than confronting enemies, making it somewhat similar to Sonic the Hedgehog. In each level, Skunny races against time to gain that power, then flies off in Superman style and kills the toad to free his friend. The levels get harder and harder, with various obstacles and hostile creatures (such as ants, bees and snails) in their way. The problem is that Skunny doesn't have a health bar, but has a timer instead: bonus items add more seconds, but being hit by enemies reduces the remaining time. Like Super Mario Bros. or Sonic, Skunny can defeat creatures by jumping over them, but with time constraints and high running speeds, it is often wiser to just avoid these obstacles as quickly as possible. Back to the Forest was sold as shareware. The unregistered version includes two levels out of ten in the full game.