Skunny In The Wild West - MS-DOS

Skunny In The Wild West2.txt Skunny In The Wild West Skunny will retrieve the sheep stolen from Skunny's parents' farm in 1909. Skunny: In The Wild West is a ten-level shareware platform game where all stolen sheep must be released. To achieve this goal, Skunny has to jump from platform to platform, traverse seas or gaps and defend himself from hostile animals and people with his weapon, the water gun. While some enemies permanently disappear after being shot, others reappear after a short time. Hit or touch by an enemy causes a loss of energy and, sooner or later, the loss of one of four lives; Skunny immediately loses a life when falling off the platform. Then he must start over the level or record point. In this case, all the sheep that have already been saved are still saved, but all the enemies are back. Skunny can collect water for a gun, items restoring his health, and he can carry a box. In the shareware version, you can only play the first two levels. By registering all ten levels you can play, there are more enemies and you can use cheats.