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Skunny Kart - MS-DOS

Skunny Kart2.txt Skunny Kart Skunny Kart is a racing game developed and published by Copysoft and released for PC in 1993. Skunny Kart is the fifth game in the Skunny series, deviating from the platform formula. Skunny Kart plays very much like Mario Kart for SNES. The player is racing around the track trying to finish the race in first place. There are traps scattered on the tracks along the way, as well as a few boosters. Skunny Kart uses many sound effects that have been taken from other licensed objects including: Terminator, Bugs Bunny and The Simpsons. Skunny Kart has three main game modes. Kart Race can be played by 1 or 2 players. In Kart Race, the player can play two different difficulty levels: 50cc or 100cc. In Kart Race, the player chooses the cup and then seeks a place in each race.