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Skunny Save Our Pizzas - MS-DOS

Skunny Save Our Pizzas2.txt Skunny Save Our Pizzas Save our Pizzas sends Skunny's comic squirrel back to Ancient Rome in search of a pizza recipe. The game is a side-scrolling arcade platformer, but unlike Back to the Forest, the emphasis is on perfect timing of the player's actions, such as jumping or avoiding enemies. Skunny can attack the Romans by jumping on them (like Mario) or planting bombs that appear to have been abundant in the Italian Peninsula in 50 BC. The game feels impossible without remembering each enemy's exact location and movement patterns, and without the perfect targeting and timing of your jumps, which won't be fun for everyone and probably requires a lot of trial and error (without the help of a limited number of lives). ). Or you can just cheat and use DOSBox compilation with save states, but even then it's not a walk in the park.