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Skynet - MS-DOS

Skynet2.txt Skynet The Terminator: SkyNET for PC DOS is a first-person shooter set in the convention of science fiction. It is the last installment of the series based on the cult series of Terminator films. The game was created - like all previous parts - by the American studio Bethesda. Both in terms of plot and mechanics, the game is a continuation of its predecessor - The Terminator: Future Shock, released in 1995. While playing, we play the role of a member of the resistance movement, led by the legendary John Connor, and try to thwart the plans of the criminal artificial intelligence Skynet, which uses nuclear weapons to wipe away the remnants of humanity from the face of the Earth. The game consists of seven extensive missions, additionally divided into a number of smaller sections. Each of them is preceded by a traditionally detailed briefing, this time carried out in FMV technology. During the game, we visit a number of different locations in ruined Los Angeles, from a sinking submarine to the underground of the Skynet base. As in the mentioned The Terminator: Future Shock, we have a dozen or so types of weapons at our disposal, and during the game we not only move on foot, but also use various vehicles. What is new is the introduction of a dynamic daily cycle. The Terminator: SkyNET is the first game in the series that - apart from the classic single-player campaign - offers the possibility of multiplayer fun (up to eight players in the local network). The maps in the multiplayer mode are slightly reworked versions of the locations from the story campaign; the main difference is the option to freely enter and exit to all encountered vehicles. There is also the possibility of playing the role of the Terminator himself, which is characterized by greater endurance, reduced speed of movement and a characteristic, cybernetic view with additional information appearing on the screen. The game is based on a tuned version of the Xngine engine, used earlier in the previous part of the series, which can now display an image in a resolution of 640x480 pixels. Thanks to this, in terms of visuals, the game looks the best of all the installments of the series so far.