Skyroads - MS-DOS

Skyroads2.txt Skyroads Platform game for the DOS platform, produced by the Estonian company Bluemoon, and released in 1993 by Creative Dimensions. SkyRoads is a remake of the game Kosmonaut, produced by Bluemoon in 1990. Three months were spent on making the game. The game was released as shareware in 1993 and enjoyed international success - from the US to Taiwan. Graphics are a combination of 2D (background and vehicle) and 3D (board) techniques. Currently, the full version and demo of Skyroads and the sequel of the game, SkyRoads XMAS-Special, can be downloaded from the official Bluemoon website. The player's task is to reach the finish of the board with a spaceship. The board consists of surfaces of different colors, tunnels and blocks; these elements form an "obstacle course". The player controls the spacebar (jump) and arrows (steering, braking, acceleration); alternative controls are the mouse and the joystick. During the game, oxygen (it is in fact the elapsing time) and fuel (fast driving causes its increased consumption), and their depletion will not complete the board. The game consists of ten "planets" with three boards in each. The difficulty level increases with each "planet".