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Solar Winds - MS-DOS

Solar Winds2.txt Solar Winds Solar Winds: The Escape and its sequel Solar Winds: Galaxy, also known as Solar Winds II: Universe, are top-down space action RPGs developed by James Schmalz and published by Epic MegaGames in 1993. The main character of both games, bounty hunter Jake Stone, undertakes a series of missions in which he has to send charges and repel attacks. The story is told through simple conversations and short cutscenes. In some ways, the series resembles Star Control II, with no ship customization or fleet building elements; gameplay is presented in a top-down view. Stone's ship is always in the spotlight. The keyboard or joystick is used to control the ship and fire weapons (consisting of lasers and projectiles). Mice are also supported. Many functions, such as scanning, communication and power distribution, are controlled by the control panel. The player can zoom out to see details, the amount of which depends on how much power is allocated to the sensors. Power is allocated to various ship systems such as shields, weapons, life support systems, engines, and is consumed by the hyperdrive, the maximum speed of which is determined by the engine power allocation. The integrity of the hull is shown by a square superimposed on the top of the ship. Over time, the ship heals itself, and its speed depends on how much power has been spent on life support systems. Shield shapes and weapons can be adjusted. The specific waveform chosen for the laser blast or target configuration dictates their effectiveness relative to each other. Lasers can be set to fire from one, two or three laser guns simultaneously. Communication is carried out in the form of a conversation between the other party and the player's choice of answers. Items in the player's hold can be transported to planets and other ships. In the first episode, many missions involve delivering cargo in exchange for useful items.