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Sonic is, next to Mario, one of the icons of computer games. And although SEGA withdrew from the console wars a long time ago and the blue hedgehog has given way to the mustachioed plumber in the field of interactive entertainment, it is still doing quite well in the field of comics and animated films. Sonic The Hedgehog - Turning Point is another item about the adventures of this iconic hero and we will talk about it today. Shortly after the war with Dr. Eggman (probably depicted in another comic book), Sonic and his friends are busy cleaning up the remnants of the mad scientist's robotic army. Unfortunately, a new and unknown threat lurks on the horizon. And that's basically it. The turning point is definitely a position for younger readers, so it is difficult to expect an extremely complicated and extensive story from it. However, what the readers got should be more than enough for the recipients to whom the Turning Point is addressed - it is interesting, it is fun, and a certain amount of intrigue and mystery make the comic read pleasantly and with interest. The level of content and comprehensiveness was perfectly matched to the target age category of readers. The presented characters can be liked thanks to aggressive, faithful to the prototype and clearly outlined characters. There are many humorous dialogues in the comic that refer to the common history of the characters or their various vices and the events in which they participate. Thanks to the very rich cartoon expression of the characters, all their emotions and reactions are well reflected in the visual setting - the way in which the characters are drawn is definitely one of the strengths of the reviewed item. In order not to get bored, the comic also features a lot of effective action - fortunately drawn in an exceptionally clear way, despite the very high dynamics of the presented adventures of Sonic. The blue hedgehog and his buddies are full throttle in line with the brand's tradition, beating their enemies right and left - fortunately, this action is presented in an interesting way, using various shots, interesting composition of the frame and various tricks in the field of visual narration, which makes reading really interesting. engaging, and the action is not only easy to follow, but also with real pleasure. There is nothing to divorce, Sonic The Hedgehog is a great position for young comic book lovers. The story, despite its simplicity, and a lot of witty dialogues and humor, combined with a very good and expressive setting, successfully emphasizing the story content, will guarantee good entertainment. If you are a Sonic fan, are looking for a gift for a younger relative, or want to encourage your own children to read, The Tipping Point is a really good choice.