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Spear Of Destiny - MS-DOS

Spear Of Destiny2.txt Spear Of Destiny The American commando with Polish roots is back. This time, the main task of B.J. Blazkowicz, is to recover the legendary Spear of Destiny, which the Nazis took from Versailles at the beginning of World War II and placed in an inaccessible fortress. Hitler stubbornly believes that the artifact gives superhuman power and will help his armies conquer the whole world. Wolfenstein 3D turned out to be so popular that a few months after its premiere, the bosses of id Software decided to release an official sequel. FormGen was commissioned to prepare the sequel, and it must be admitted that it was a good move. Although the authors did not make revolutionary changes to the game engine, they only designed a dozen or so maps and a few new enemies, in the end the product turned out to be much more interesting than the original. Several factors contributed to this. First of all, the division into episodes has been abandoned, in Spear of Destiny the player simply sets off on one long mission, at the end of which Adolf Hitler himself awaits. The next stages have been loaded with a huge amount of treasures, secret places and attractions of this type, thanks to which their exploration has become much more interesting. From time to time, a unique boss appears that tries to prevent us from completing the task. His death is of course necessary to continue the game, as he usually has a key to open a locked door. The game uses all the textures included in the original, but also introduced several dozen new ones, thanks to which we will avoid situations in which subsequent locations are monotony and boring every kilometer. It is not a revolutionary product, but that was not its job either. Spear of Destiny is simply an excellent development of an old theme and should be treated as such. If you love Wolfenstein 3D, this is the game for you. If not, switch to something else, FPSs, even archaic ones, are in bundles after all.