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Speed Haste - MS-DOS

Speed Haste2.txt Speed Haste Speed ??Haste is a very good racing game, offering us two races: the first is Formula F1 racing with super fast cars, the second is racing with slower classic cars (Stock). The game features several game modes: Practice - you know, training is the most important, Single Player - a single race in which we can choose the car and route, and the third most important mode is Championship - championships in which the routes are planned in advance and to win them you must win races that are not easy at first. There was also a MultiPlayer mode and the ability to play two people on one computer with a split screen. Moreover, by choosing from the Select Car Model menu, we can determine the game mode, or rather, which cars we want to race, which is a very big plus. We have 6 F1 cars and 6 cars at our disposal, but choosing a vehicle is also the same as choosing a difficulty mode.