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Speed Racer In The Challenge Of Racer X - MS-DOS

Speed Racer In The Challenge Of Racer X First you'll face the mysterious Racer X in a 200 MPH free-for-all. You'll need everything in the Mach 5 arsenal to stay close ... A car to jump out of danger, helicopters to cut through obstacles, and even a new CRT on-board monitor that lets you receive messages from Pops, Trixie, Spridles and Chim-Chim. And that's only half. You'll also be racing me from the cockpit of the amazing Shooting Star Racer X. But it won't be easy. Because Snake Oiler, Captain Terror, and all the evil villains on my TV show want to send you over the railings. So fasten your seat belts. Because this adventure is so dangerous we couldn't put it on TV "